5 Upcoming Indian Labels, that are changing world's view of Indian Designers !

For centuries India has been the heartland of exquisite handicrafts, textiles and unique surface texturing techniques.

The magnificent Indian culture inspires many Indian fashion designers to bring exclusivity to their artwork. Also, it has given the fashion industry some of the great fashion creators who have made their mark in the international market. 

Here's our list of 5 upcoming Indian labels to look out for !



1- Bloni by Akshat Bansal

Sustainable fashion is not always perceived to be fashionable - but Akshat Bansal's Bloni speaks of modern ethical luxury that transcends beyond the borders of creativity to encapsulate purpose and expression. Akshat studied at the Central Saint Martins (London) & NIFT (India). He trained as an apprentice at Saville Row (London) and Tarun Tahiliani.

Akshat explains the uniqueness of his work stating, “What I believe is in something which is modern and also has an ethical value to it and which is sustainable in terms of its fabric and its thinking. A lot of garments are made out of marine plastic waste, recycled nylon and yet the look is luxurious and comfortable.

Known for his signature tie & dye and pieces such as bralettes and jackets, the designer claims his designs are travel-friendly, long lasting and adhere to the philosophy of buying less and using more.




2- Chillosophy

A minimalist, slow fashion brand created to embrace the capsule wardrobe concept, Chillosophy takes cue from architecture, fine art, geometrical figures and the natural world to design its timeless collections of apparel. In a world of visual excess, it is rare for artists to strip their work down to bare essentials — but that is precisely what the label has accomplished. It sets aside the usual flourishes that trail contemporary high-end fashion and presents its wearer with a perfect mix of simplicity, elegance and a distinctly urban vibe. 

Chillosophy specialises in a look that is stylish without being extravagant. In a very efficient manner, Chillosophy has made its way up and provided a balance between sophisticated, relaxed and subtle clothing — carefully constructed with superior materials, accents and detail. It’s all you need to powerfully reflect the confidence within you.



3- E.Z.R.A

From an Endless Zest to Rise Above was born - E.Z.R.A, a designer label by
Baani Sachdev and Nikita Jain.It is a chic, easy resort wear brand, with hints of a bohemian influence, which believes in comfort in style.
Classic cuts of lose draped clothes with earthy, soft-hued and delicate pastel shades are the essence of the collection.
At E.Z.R.A the belief is that less is more, and simplicity is the key to the
greatest sense of dressing. Striving to accentuate the inner you is the driving
force behind the creations and inspirations of this label. Unique designs,
unusual drapes, subtle hues and anomalous silhouettes with an element of
comfort are what the E.Z.R.A experience is all about!



 4- Jajaabor

Jajaabor, in Assamese means “nomad” and as the name suggests, we bring in inspirations from our travels into apparels, tailor made for the contemporary Indian fashion.

Kanika & Neelanjan of Jajaabor believe every individual has their own personal style. Every individual has their own perspective to beauty. They believe in that the label's effort is to amplify that belief into making thoughtful clothes that a global clientele would cherish. The endeavor is to explore the rich Indian culture and understand how it reciprocates to a global platform.

Today, the world has become a global village and the label blends elements from Indian heritage with timeless and relaxed silhouettes, natural fabrics, colours and stories from the world around.



5- Style Junkiie

Established to reckon with modern women having distinct sartorial sensibilities, Style Junkiie is a platform for forward-looking fashion in India. The hi-fashion brand was ‘Born in Bombay’ channeling the vivid nuances of Indian heritage flowing through the core of the brand to mix with an international spirit. Borrowing inspiration from art, travel and fashion from around the world, the brand is dedicated to designing contemporary fashion for free-spirited and sartorially enlightened women.

Harmonizing with the modern times, traditional motifs are reinterpreted with a new-age twist and universal sensibilities. Tailored for off-hand ease and handcrafted for head turns, the clothing by Style Junkiie gives every woman ample room for self-expression.


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